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Barbara Bird


from Barbara Bird, the Scented Groomer

Tips on Using Aromatherapy Oils
Essential oil blends oil blends are designed to be diffused into the air and inhaled for therapeutic effect. Here are some simple ways to use the oils:
1. Place a few drops on a piece of paper towel and place near the person or pet. Many groomers clamp this to the grooming post so it is level with the nose of the animal.
2. Scent Ball Diffuser. Apply a few drops of your favorite blend to the replaceable pad and plug into any wall outlet. Gentle warming action fills the area with aroma for up to 3 hours. Most effective in rooms up to 300 sq. ft. Diffuser comes with 5 pads.
3. We also use pet bandannas as personal diffusers for individual pets. Two or three drops are sufficient - always use oils sparingly.
4. Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser: Our favorite way of diffusing and the most effective. Using water and ultrasonic vibrations, this mister performs comparably to the full fledged nebulizer, transforming the oils into a fine purifying mist. At a fraction of the cost of using a nebulizer and with no breakable glass parts, this is a great choice for pet care establishments. Comes with 5 programmable settings and a cool blue light that tells you and your customers that you are diffusing. UL approved with auto shut-off for safety.

Essential oils are serious stuff! Our oils are designed for inhalation therapy and we do not advocate direct application of any undiluted essential oil on animals. If used for direct application to the skin or coat of dogs, try our Mellow Pet® or Home Alone® Ready To Use Sprays. Raw, essential oils should be diluted with at least 1-2% in a carrier such as sweet almond oil. Do not use on pregnant or ill animals. The safety of essential oils around cats is controversial so use caution around felines, especially in situations of constant exposure. Do not use an oil around an animal that seems to dislike it. Likewise, you should trust your own instincts.

MSDS Home Alone
MSDS Mellow Pet
NEW! The Scented Groomer™ Ready To Use Immediate Response Sprays

Blended with the same ingredients as our top selling Mellow Pet® & Home Alone® oils, these sprays are designed to be dispensed in the air or spritzed directly on the pet for immediate response.

  8.5 oz.   ea.
  2.5 oz.   ea.

Other Uses: When used by professional groomers, saturate a paper towel or cotton ball and clamp to the grooming post even with the dog's nose. Spray on pet bedding or inside cages or simply use as a daily air freshener. A great resale item for dogs that suffer from thunderstorm anxiety.
The safety of essential oils around cats is controversial so use caution around felines. Start off sparingly & do not use around an animal that seems to dislike it. Do not use around ill or pregnant animals.

NEW! The Scented Groomer™ Fragrance Oil Blends

Fragrance oils do not have the same therapeutic values as our pure essential oils but we think any scent that smells good to you has the ability to uplift spirits and lessen stress. Your shop will smell great!

  10 ml   ea.
  30 ml   ea.

#1072  NEW! Chamomile Spa - Creates a great first impression for the professional salon. Description: A clean & soothing blend of spicy green notes, smooth chamomile and a powdery musk bottom.
#1068  NEW! Chocolate Fix - Here's your chocolate fix without the fat and calories. Description: Deep rich chocolate meets buttery vanilla with a hint of mint on the top.
#1074  NEW! Creamy Cookie - Greet your customers with the fragrance of warm cookies in the oven. Description: Deep gingerbread bottom with creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. Yum Yum!
#1069   NEW! Flashback - Retro to the 60's with this mysterious blend. Description: Sandalwood, amber and an intoxicating dash of patchouli, served with a citrus twist.
#1075   NEW! Forest Fantasy - An instant woodsy retreat. Great cover up for undesirable odors. Description: Warm woods & pine with a touch of citrus & an oak moss bottom note.
#1070   NEW! Jamaican Me Crazy - Cures bad attitudes, soothes hurt feelings, defines upbeat atmosphere. Description: Zesty lime and a dash of ginger in a smooth coconut and lemongrass base.
#1073   NEW! Life's A Beach - This crisp, fresh fragrance will cool on a summer day (or when tempers get hot) and offers a nice, light choice. Description: Invigorating top notes of ozone and citrus with a floral center and light musk bottom.
#1071   NEW! Spring Fling - Invoke Spring Break whenever needed or create a lovely garden in your salon. Description: Delicious rose and jasmine meet grasses and florals on a soft musk base.



from Janice Pope, Owner, Ben Fur Roam'n Pet Styling, West Harrison, Indiana

Janice began filling her own personal need for quality, detailed and simply different hand-made bows. They easily slide onto any collar for a big splash of color and are approximately 2-1/2 inches in diameter.




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